The marketing department

Head of department:            Dr. Imene HADDAD


Phone:                               00 213 770 96 33 52

Office:                                    N°61

Head of service: (SURNAME and first name)




President of the CSD:                  Pr. Djamila BOUYOUCEF BARR


Phone:                               00 213 554 86 49 84


Presentation of the training:

The EHEC marketing department provides training in two specialities that are both distinct and highly complementary, namely marketing and logistics. These two courses represent essential functions within companies, which inevitably enable them to be more efficient and competitive.

Training in one of the above-mentioned specialities at EHEC Kolea enables students to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge but also to develop their skills through empirical activities and internships in companies, thus making it easier for them to take the plunge into the professional world as employees or company directors.

Presentation of the specialities and their professional outlets:

  Presentation of the speciality professional outlets in the speciality

Marketing is one of the organizational functions that has seen the most upheaval in recent years. Consumers are more and more educated, more and more informed, more and more demanding, with specific expectations about the products and services they want, the “disappearance” of borders with the advent of the internet and new information technologies have led marketing to reinvent itself.

To specialize in the field of marketing means accepting to be constantly challenged in order to adapt to the changing needs and desires of consumers.

This master’s degree enables students to acquire a solid foundation in marketing and to train future executives:

–         Mastering the marketing approach both strategically and operationally.

–         Equipped with a strong communication capacity and soft-skills.

–         Equipped with a good capacity for analysis and synthesis.

–         Be creative and able to work in a team.

–         Marketing director

–         Digital marketing manager

–         Product/brand manager

–         CRM manager

–         Consultant in a  communication company or design office

–         Etc.


Today, in a world where production and distribution are central to the modern economy, supply chain management and logistics remain key activities that improve the operational efficiency of companies.

This master’s degree will enable students to be trained in the new professions of logistics, to acquire the skills required in this field in order to be an important actor of change within a company, capable of implementing strategies to improve the logistics chain in the industrial sector, transport, etc… through the design of logistics systems, procurement and project management.

–         Project manager

–         SCM manager

–         Freight forwarder

–         Local and international purchasing and supply manager

–         Planning and production manager

–         Quality and customer

–         Satisfaction supervisor

–         Responsible for order follow-up and financial management

–         Etc.