Department of International Trade

Head of Department: ELANDALOUSSI Zaza


Office: 59

Head of service: Assia ZEBIB


Office: 60

Chairman of the SSC: Pr. Lynda GRINE


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Presentation of the training:

A Master’s Degree International Trade is a graduate program that aims to provide students with knowledge of International Trade in all areas of international law, politics, media, foreign companies and FDI, cultures, technical issues, environment issues, international economics, business enterprise, project management and entrepreneurship.

A master’s degree program in International Trade seeks to solve the problem by offering both short-term and long-term solutions, thus students enrolled in the program are trained with broad understanding of contemporary issues on the international scene.

Presentation of the specialities and their professional outlets:

  Presentation of the speciality Professional outlets in the speciality
International Trade What you can gain by doing this speciality:

Training in international business management

Open up to an international career.

– Bank credit manager.

– Credit officer.

– Foreign trade transaction manager.

– In charge of import and export.

– Responsible for transport logistics.

– Transit manager.

– International marketing manager.

– In charge of international commercial management.

– Representing international firms.