The school of higher commercial studies EHEC, formerly the National Institute of commerce INC, since its creation in 1979, has aimed to provide students with quality teaching that enables them to break into professional life.

The school brings teachers of different specialties and characterized by a diversified pedagogical program designed on the basis of new data from the national economy with a view to repositioning the school, making it play its full role and enhancing its image, and above all making it a center of influence in the field of commercial sciences.

Dr.A.BICHA KASMI  –  EHEC Director

We work to provide a work environment that promotes innovation, creativity and encourages intellectual and human development in a friendly atmosphere. The students have at their disposal the pedagogical means and material best suited to their training.

Therefore, the school doubles its efforts to encourage reflection and exchange, through good internal communication, where different ideas and opinions are expressed fluently with its social partners and ensures external communication by creating partnership with various organizations and companies.

In order to, better achieve its operational objectives; the school has drawn up a strategy based on a school project that aims to:

  • Improve the quality of education through curriculum revision.
  • Enhance and boost research.
  • Improve the visibility of the school, its ranking and its image.

In this same context, the school is strengthening its relations with companies, which are seen as a source of synergy with the business world. The idea has the advantage of raising students’ awareness of business creation by narrowing the bridges between teacher training and the world of work.

The school of higher commercial studies is in constant evolution and is continually launching new challenges. Indeed, the school’s new project is part of a sustainable development perspective; it is the project “pole par excellence” i.e. the campus by excellence, which aims to establish selective waste sorting and the installation of solar panels at school level.

Through the creation of this new site, we want to concretize our vision to modernize the school, by ensure a better communication of information and a real time sharing with all actors, inside and outside, of our establishment. Thus, to make an active contribution to the achievement of the strategy outlined by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aimed at promoting higher education in national territory.

Director of EHEC