Chams-Eddine G. Bezzitouni

Director of the office “Born to Change the Game”

President of J’il FCE

2007-2011 : licence in commercial sciences, specialized in management, from HEC, Algiers.

2012-2014 : master’s degree in international economic affaires, National School of Political Sciences (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Politiques ENSSP).

2014-2018 : PhD in en political sciences, National School of Political Sciences (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Politiques).

Chams-Eddine G. Bezzitouni who is passionate about innovative entrepreneurship and digital, was appointed in June 2020 as the president of J’il FCE in the business leaders’ forum. He had the opportunity to manage the incubator of the cyber park of Sidi Abdellah where he was able to set up an incubation process of ICT start-ups and its corollary the development of creation modals of creative communities.

Afterward, Chams-Eddine, joined the chief executive officer of Algeria Telecom Satellite (ATS) where he charged of the mission R&D, innovation and international relations. After that, he integrated the cabinet of the Minister of Industry and Mines as a consultant, in order to, participate to the creation of a funding mechanism for innovative start-ups and SME.

After this immersion in the sphere of public and governmental enterprise, he became interested in private enterprise by setting up a digital marketing reflexion by directing the digital and marketing department of the American company in Algeria to become a consultant in open innovation and business strategy. He is also an ambassador for Seedstars World, a Swiss investment fund, as well as an influencer for Smart-Up, a subcontracting program for the technological development of start-ups. Chams-Eddine is now the founder of the company « Born to Change the Game, BCG » which he uses to support various structures in acceleration of their growth through open innovation modals.

Taking advantage of an academic crossroads in social sciences, Chams-Eddine has been able to highlight his assets in management to move towards political sciences in perspective of producing a research thesis in the eco-system technological start-up in Algeria  at the National School of Political Sciences (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Politiques (ENSSP).