2005-2009: licence degree in commercial sciences, specialized in international affairs from HEC Algiers.

2009-2011: master degree in commercial sciences, specialized in international affair from HEC Algiers

2011-2016: PhD in commercial sciences, de HEC Algiers.

Currently: lecturer at the university of Tipaza, faculty of management sciences, economics et commercials, and farm operator, industrialized farming of dairy cattle, EAC 61 Tipaza.

I am ZAIDA Wassila, I am 31 years old and I am a graduate of EHEC Algiers, beyond all the academic background that this school and its teachers have brought me, I have learned to set career goals and to seize the professional opportunities available to me. Once I graduated and had my master degree, I got a first job as a manager in the collective farm Si Zoubir, which has a vocation for dairy cattle. This field being quite new for me, I had to go through multiple professional trainings in zootechnics and animal health. I also learned the basics of forage, cereals and market gardening from the leading agricultural engineers of the region.

After few years of experience, I was elected vice-president of the milk sector in the region of Tipaza. This new position gave me access to macro-economic data and allowed me to broaden my network to a number of dairy farmers, all of whom suffered from the same chronic deficit as the farm I managed. As a result, I decided to focus my doctoral research on this topic and tried to propose a modal of economic management of industrial dairy cattle farms that is both in line with the particularities of the Algerian  environment but also practical and easy to apply for all the Algerian farmers.

During my years of research, I also obtained a teaching position at the University of Tipaza, an institution where my skills are constantly growing and diversifying because I have gradually oriented myself toward the speciality of tourism economy where I try with my students, through in-situ workshops, to develop a typical eco-tourism product for our region. An eco-friendly product and enhancing the craft and agricultural activity of the region.

Thanks to my extensive work in this sector, I was asked to be part of the MEPI program, launched by the US embassy in Algeria, to coach young project leaders and help them to refine their marketing strategies and communication plans.

I also became the vice president of the HOME association for the protection of the environment and rich of all these experiences, I now have the dream of actively contributing to the development of the agricultural and tourism sectors for my country.